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Leadership And Management
Research And Analysis

Software Development

Financial System Integration

Research Data Analysis

Information Data Analysis

Project Management

Program Management

Business Administration

Corporate Governance

Organisational Leadership

We are a group of qualified and experienced professionals who provide valuable services to corporate companies, small enterprises, governmental agencies and university departments.

Sectors we specialise in are information technology, financial technology, banking, medical technology and renewable energy.

We provide services in software, analytical research, management, administration, governance and leadership.

The first foundational step was taken on 31 January 1995.  The journey continues in this new avatar called LAMRAA.

We have accumulated years of experience and over the years we have evolved and gradually we have grown, we have seen the ups and downs, we have seen the changes and transformations, we are progressing and we are developing.  From programming in C++ to leadership, management; the journey continues.

We combine insider expertise and outsider independence. And we use our technology to help you transform your data. We can help guide your data strategy and equip you with the software you need to keep getting more from your data. All this means that, rather than holding you back, your data drives you forward.